Community Integrated Employment

Community Integrated Employment (CIE) is a service offered under the Developmental Disability Waiver to provide individuals with developmental disabilities support in obtaining and maintaining employment. Active Solutions Inc. focuses its CIE Program to support individuals in finding competitive and meaningful employment opportunities. Employment helps to increase, maintain or promote the individual’s capacity for independence, self-determination, self-advocacy, productivity, and community integration.

Active Solutions Inc. Community Integrated Employment Includes:

Division of vocational rehabilitation (DVR)

Active Solutions Inc. provides DVR referrals for all individuals seeking CIE services to provide initial funding for Job Development and for continued supports though Job Coaching. Upon job placement and 90 days of job stabilization, long-term support and funding are continued though the Developmental Disability Waiver.

Job Development

Job Development supports are provided during the DVR phase. Services include:

  • Creating Career Development Plans to identify areas of job interest
  • Development of resume and cover letters
  • Submission of job applications and practicing interviewing skills
  • Job Developers strive to assist individuals to build relationships with potential employers

Job Coaching

Active Solutions Inc. recruits and trains qualified direct support providers to become Job Coaches. Job Coaches play an essential role in the individual’s progress to succeed in their employment by providing the following supports:

  • Incorporating strategies to achieve the individual’s employment outcome
  • Assisting individuals to perform job tasks
  • Assisting individuals in learning proper work etiquette
  • Identifying natural supports in the workplace

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