Customized In-Home Supports/Independent Living

Services Offered

Customized In-Home Supports is a program designed for individuals on the DD Waiver who can live in their own home or apartment, or with family or friends. 

Support staff makes regularly scheduled visits to the home to provide assistance in the areas the individual may need.  This includes life skills such as:

  • Meal Planning and Shopping
  • Money Management
  • Safety
  • Transportation

The well-being of persons in In-Home Care is overseen by a team which includes Case Managers, Guardians, and Therapists. Active Solutions is committed to working with the Interdisciplinary Team to properly advocate for and support the individuals we serve.

Active Solutions Inc. is pledged to understand and meet the needs of individuals in our Customized In-Home Supports Program to achieve their goals of greater independence, productivity, and progress toward their vision for a meaningful life.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to add value and stability to the lives of people in New Mexico with developmental disabilities and to faithfully support the people who care for them.